It’s October already which means Christmas decorations will soon start appearing… plus it’s the end of lectures for Trimester 2 meaning final assignments and exams are kicking in. It’s a stressful time all round and I know that procrastination is so easy… I was speaking to a couple of students last week who want to […]

Decisions are hard. I am bad at making decisions; case in point – I can’t even decide on a title for this blog post. We are faced with making decisions every day. What style of jeans are you after – regular cut, slim fit, classic, boot cut, relaxed, or straight leg? What sort of hair […]


At this time of year – the threshold of study/exam time – the fallout from the topic of this blog becomes apparent.  Your rational-decision maker has been dominated by the much more fun instant gratification monkey and now your dreaded panic monster is unleashed. It’s times like this that the smudge on the fridge door […]


You’ve probably read articles and blogs proclaiming the demise of the CV, but as Mark Twain said in response to a similar announcements in relation to himself, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!” As a Career Consultant I do what I can to dismiss this persistent rumour, but what’s the story behind this claim? […]


We all face big challenges in our working lives.  Maybe you have a disability, a major health concern or facing something in your personal life that is making a huge impact on either finding a job or making progress in your current one. Or you simply can’t find a job right now in the area […]

Quite by accident whilst searching for information on a particular job, I came across an article published last month by The Balance on ‘Top 15 Interesting, Unique and Weird Jobs” – of course I had to go and investigate!  It is Friday afternoon and I could use a bit of light entertainment – all in […]


Having a workplace or study environment where you can be productive and happy is important. Recently I have noticed the latest craze in the UK which is all about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ or living cosily (Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) – the wellness trend originating from the world’s happiest nation. Nine books will be published this […]