Quite by accident whilst searching for information on a particular job, I came across an article published last month by The Balance on ‘Top 15 Interesting, Unique and Weird Jobs” – of course I had to go and investigate!  It is Friday afternoon and I could use a bit of light entertainment – all in […]


Having a workplace or study environment where you can be productive and happy is important. Recently I have noticed the latest craze in the UK which is all about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ or living cosily (Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) – the wellness trend originating from the world’s happiest nation. Nine books will be published this […]


When I first started working at Victoria University in the immensely interesting Antarctic Research Centre (ARC), I was asked to take minutes at a monthly meeting. An hour later and hopelessly confused by no fewer than 22 acronyms and initialisms including the likes of ANDRILL, IODP, SDO, RICE, ENSO, MIS and VUWAE, I needed help. […]


My last blog post looked at how technology affects the current workforce – you can read it here if you’ve missed it. Technological advances have changed the job market (and will, no doubt, continue to do so in years to come). Even though some new jobs are created (e.g. social media advisor), I argue that […]

I’ve recently returned from a trip to America and very much enjoyed learning and using the different words and phrases over there. Every English speaking country has this and given the influence of American movies and pop culture my awareness was already there but actually experiencing it is another matter. On the plane the flight […]


Last week I wrote about finding a group of people that you are comfortable with and who help you to fulfill your desires, goals, and ideals.  This week I want to talk about a reality that we all face – the work group.  Work groups differ from social groups in that you don’t choose your […]


I think taking a gap year is underrated. By this I’m referring to a year between high school and uni. You could take a gap year during your studies, or even after your studies, but for the purpose of this opinion piece ‘gap year’ will refer to doing something different for a year between high […]