The guidelines below are based on the Telegraph’s beginner’s tips on how to play Pokémon Go. Uni students can take note and use the same tactics when playing JobHunting Go. Please note this is fictitious and we have not yet developed JobHunting Go – we reserve the copyright when it does happen!! Use the tracker […]


Whittaker’s has just launched their latest creation – a blend of the Kiwi classic K Bar and chocolate. Perhaps this is a reflection of changing times – once all you needed were hard skills which allowed you to gnaw away on the original tooth-breaking bar, but now you require a combination of both the soft […]


Last year we asked quite a few employers about the skills and attributes that they look for in graduates. You could read a detailed report that will give you all ins and outs of what it is that employers are looking for. But you could also just learn from Grumpy Cat (click to see the […]


The job market is changing (well, water is wet). We have moved from the days of needing a switchboard operator to transfer calls at a telephone exchange to everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket. The way we work and communicate with each other have also changed because of technology. I still remember the days […]

My biggest regret about my undergraduate years is not studying what I was really passionate about. If I could do it all again (and there’s no reason why I can’t) I would spend a bit longer getting my degree, but include a variety of interest papers to get a feel for other subject areas. Sometimes […]


While on holiday I met the main character (fictional) in the novel I’ve been working on for two years.  She was furious.  ‘You haven’t been listening!’  She shoved at the door I was trying to lock.  To keep her out.  The door (fictional) that she (fictional) knows much better than I (real?). I thought I […]

The article doing the rounds at the moment about the lifeguard at the Rio Olympics and people saying it’s a “pointless” job got me scratching my head. While there is no question that the swimmers this lifeguard is overseeing can swim, they could still need a lifeguard – one of them could hit their head […]