17 February, 2009

Not all doom and gloom!

Sure the economy is in deep trouble and everyone is talking about how hard it is to find a job.  But hey….everything goes in cycles and what goes down in one area pops up in another.  People still change jobs, still move cities, still die, still retire etc etc.  Everyday someone still finds a job.  The key is to stay positive and look around for opportunities.  When employers are reluctant to take on permanent positions, you may find that the number of contract or project work increases.  Don’t be reluctant to take on good project work as this can well lead to continuing work.  How often I’ve heard people tell me that a 3-week or 3-month stint ended up to be 3 years or more! 

If you are looking for work, use the time to increase your skill set to make you more marketable.  Are your computer skills as good as they can be?  Do you have advanced Word skills and Excel?  This can make a huge difference in whether or not you get the job. Many local high schools offer this training.  Do you want to work in government?  If so did you know that you can do a free on-line course  on Public Sector Knowledge Training?  This could give you an ‘edge’ in your applications.  See CareerHub for full details – look under the news section.

Broaden your search to consider a variety of industries where you can put your skills to good use.  Some industries are more ‘recession-proof’ than others.  Keep your energy level up and don’t get discouraged – Vic Careers is here to help you so don’t hestitate to come and see us!

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