According to a recent survey in America, it is those without university degrees that are feeling the harshest effects of the recession through job loss.

Certainly, having a degree and being qualified for office or field work is a huge advantage. While the recession is affecting everyone, of all levels of education, it is important to remember that while you are studying, you are increasing your job prospects. In fact, a recession can be a great time to pursue further study. If you are finding the job market too competitive as hundreds apply for one position, why not stay on or return to university. Get your honours, or your masters or even a PhD and when the recession ends, you could be graduating with another level of education, one that will put you another level above those you are competing with.

So the recession isn’t all doom and gloom for students and grads, make the most of a difficult time…really advertise that you have a degree and that you are qualified, or stay on at uni and qualify yourself even further!

For the article about the aforementioned survey, see: Blue Collar Recession

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