An article on in March of this year discussed the difficulty of young New Zealanders graduating in the middle of a recession. Four recent grads in various sectors were profiled and discussed where they were at after graduating, and how they got there.

One grad had been unsuccessful in his job hunt and has gone back to study. This view is common with many current students and recent grads without a job to go to. They see great benefit in further study and graduating with higher qualifications in a few years, when the job market should be booming and they should be in high demand.

Another grad is offering to volunteer in companies that he is interested in, in order to gain experience in his field. He also hopes to expose himself to these companies, so that they will consider him when a paid position becomes available.

Two other grads have successfully found positions through contacts and networking. This is a recommended way to go about your job hunt as with such a high demand for positions, some are not even being advertised and others are simply snapped up too quickly.

Read the full article “Recession Puts Squeeze on Job Seekers

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