Tradestaff is a wholly NZ owned nationwide recruitment compny and a leading supplier of temporary and permanent workers.  They offer the following advice on what careers they see as future proof:

Essential Services include nurses, midwives, doctors, teachers and police in addition to trained care-givers because advances in medicine means people live longer. 

Sales – increasing customer expectations drive service while good sales people assist in puling companies out of tough times.

Bean Counters – boom or bust we still need number crunchers to do tax, GST, auditing, payroll, reports and other financials.  Increasingly complex employer costs such as Kiwisaver and tight credit lines will place a much greater need on accountants and auditors.

Green Jobs – work that works out how to work in a more sustainable way will recycle employment opportunities right through until we’ve officially saved the planet.  Resource planning and environmental consent experts will be increasingly critical in any growth or infrastructural developments.

For more about the top 5 recession-proof jobs in NZ right now see:

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