Hello, my name is Graham and I am the most recent addition to the Vic Careers team. It probably goes without saying then, that I have recently had a successful interview, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was being given career advice left right and centre. So from me for now, its just a thought about advice. Advice can be like a pick a path book comprising of often limited and very different choices

Your interview was unsuccessful, you should:

  • Seek further study, turn to page 483.
  • Take that job working for your Aunty on the weekends, turn to page 87.
  • Offer to work voluntarily, turn to page 330.

You won’t know until you get where you want to be just what worked but you will most likely find that your way did wind along a path which can be signposted by good advice, at least I’m surprised about to what degree I’ve found that to be true so far. So what’s my point? No really I forget. Oh yeah – though advice may be easier said than done you will eventually find that your success will exemplify good advice in action so take it on board and more importantly let it guide you into some action no matter how seemingly small, its certainly better than staying on the same page.

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