For some people the end of their study is a leap into blessed paid employment in their chosen dream job. However for the rest of us, the transition may not be so easy, especially if you haven’t been working during your study. Often employers will advertise with a long list of required skills and prerequisites, many of which you’ll no doubt have but when it comes to relevant work experience – well that can be tricky.

One way to help you out in this department is volunteering. It can help you obtain relevant work experience and by helping out the community you get warm fuzzies at the same time. Although you must be a reliable volunteer, it can also be flexible and work around your study schedule.

Start by choosing an area you’re interested in and ideally passionate about. A youth mentoring project will give you leadership and risk management experience. The SPCA take on volunteers, which could help if you want to work with animals. Or with the approach of summer you might want to volunteer with the Wellington City Council at one of the parks and conservation programmes.

Alongside the many work related benefits, you’ll be trying something new, meeting like minded people and helping in the community.

Also work towards completing the Victoria Plus Award which has a volunteer work component and looks great on your CV.

Volunteer Wellington is a great place to look too. Check out their website

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