Here’s what Gen Y is after:

And here’s employers say about Gen Y and what they offer:

You can’t quit a job you don’t have. Before you can assume to have a say in whether you would continue to work for a Luddite like me, you would have to work for a Luddite like me. It’s a before/after thing. You are not entitled to start with the presumption that you are already employed. If I don’t think you can cut it, you don’t get the job. You may think otherwise, but you don’t get a vote. That’s because I have the job to offer. You don’t. more

Yes, those Gen Y-ers are a little different than the rest of us. But I assure you the benefits of having one (or more) by your side are well worth the difference. more

The biggest criticism of Generation Y has been its members’ inability to step out from behind the monitor, or put down the phone and meet the people that they are interacting with on a more personal level. But actual face time and a commitment to human interaction is going to separate Gen Y’s losers and winners over the next 10-20 years. more

What do you think? How does Gen Y fare in the current and future job market?

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