Back when I studied languages at University in the UK, it was compulsory to have a gap year abroad speaking that language – it could be either working or attending Uni so long as you came back fluent! I chose working. It opened my eyes. It was fantastic. I came back a much stronger and more independent person having experienced a different culture and a new working environment. I was lucky enough to get a marketing internship in Barcelona. No one organised it for me, I had to sort it. That was part of the fun.

Whatever your situation, even if you don’t want to speak another language, there are some amazing opportunities across the world to work during a ‘Gap Year’. Many people do this as a new graduate to extend their work experience and develop skills. For example, Victoria CareerHub is currently advertising for the Walt Disney International graduate programme (Don’t miss the presentation on Friday 18th September). This is just one example of amazing opportunities. To explore more check out the gap year job sites Anywork Anywhere and Gapwork

It may sound corny but taking a work opportunity abroad if you can and before life’s responsibilities take too much of a grip will help define you, teach you so much and in most cases will be great fun!

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