IEP (International Exchange Provider) is a non-profit organisation that sends New Zealanders overseas for working holidays! If you are interested in working overseas, check out their website at

You can wait tables in Hollywood, work the ski fields in Canada, pick grapes in France or serve beer in a bar in Ireland! IEP will help you organise flights, help you find work and help look after your visa and insurance. All you need to do is apply!

You can also volunteer in Cambodia, Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa through IEP. If you’re interested in volunteering, just read this extract from the IEP website about just ONE of the volunteering roles they offer…

There is a fascinating project 1½ hour from San Jose. It is in a community that has the privilege to receive red macaws, but also has a river with more than 20 crocodiles, primary forest, etc. They need help to organize flora/fauna inventory, provide English classes to locals, assistance to local boy scouts in mangrove area to develop paths, building a park in a donated terrain, beach cleaning, beach reforestation.

If you are interested in travel at all…don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! Visit their website and see if a working holiday with IEP is for you!

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