14 October, 2009

Where the Jobs are

For final year students the choice is still difficult – is it best to stay on for another year of study and aquire new skills or take the plunge into an uncertain job market?

There are however, areas where it is worth dipping more than a toe. According to a report commissioned by the NZ Listener, the health and life-science sector continues to show the biggest job growth with an increase of nearly 11% from June 08-June 09. Particulary high is the demand for nurses and midwives, and this occupational group also includes doctors, dentists, vets, pharmacists, biologists, agricultural scientists and botanists. Jobs in parts of the education sector are readily available, especially for early childhood and school teachers. Another group showing growth is physical, math and engineering professionals, in particular IT specialists, but this group also includes physical scientists, architects, engineers, telecoms engineers, mathematicians and surveyors. Statistics New Zealand also reports more people employed as customer-services clerks for client-orientated services (cashiers, bank officers, debt collectors, receptionists), in personal and protective services (especially healthcare workers, caregivers, nurse aides) and as stationary-machine and assembly operators. According to Seek, the number of self employed people has also risen significantly.

Occupations with the biggest losses (June 08-June 09) are sales people, demonstrators and models, industrial plant operators, legislators and administrators, HR and recruiters, precision trades, and financial services.

See the full NZ Listener article on the current job situation, plus statistics from Statistics New Zealand and Seek Job Index.

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