Missed an employer presentation or a recruitment event? Ever ask yourself ‘What’s the opportunity cost?’ Is it JUST another event, or is it more beyond that? Allow me to share some highlights from this year’s recruitment and you can decide for yourself.

This year, numerous employers are picking up their potential candidates from recruitment events such as Careers Expos and Employer Presentations. With the tightening jobs market, employers are prioritising the candidates that they have met face to face over those on paper. Some even used such events as their sole recruitment method and would only consider the candidates with whom they have met at their recruitment event. At one particular presentation, an informal interview was set up on the spot with the interested attendees, straight after the presentation.

Here’s what employers say:

We will have less vacancies opening up to the public, as we have already gathered many expressions of interests from our recruitment presentation.

We have received many follow up emails from the students that we have met at the Expo, they would be our first point of contact when any opportunity arises.

Instead of advertising online, we have sent out an email to those interested students from the Expo and set up interviews with them.

Personally, I believe that the opportunity cost of missing out on such event(s) is far too great for me to turn a blind eye to, especially if I’m in my job hunting stage! Potentially, I could be looking at my next best job going down the drain. This is certainly well worth some food for thought!

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