Professional organisations are not only utilising Facebook for networking, but are now also starting to add Twitter to their communication methods in order to reach their audience.

In a recent online newsletter Deloitte say: 

We’ve tried to show our human face; a lot of people think professional services firms lack personality and we hope our Facebook page provides a place where students get a sense of our people, unique style, and opportunities.

The page is already populated with videos and photos, with many of the videos produced by Deloitte graduates and summer interns themselves.

Students and Careers Centre professionals can now also follow Vic Careers on Twitter. We have a new Twitter page and we’ll be using it to keep you up to date with news, events, and things that may be of use or interest to students, careers centres and anyone following graduate and summer intern opportunities in New Zealand.”

You can visit these links:

Meet Thuan Nguyen, Vic Alumni at
and Deloitte on Twitter:

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