Finding a job in the current economic climate may be a bit of a challenge and finding the ‘right’ job may seem like mining for gold. It is therefore essential to have good tools and a good strategy. Your CV and cover letter must stand out…for the right reasons…and you need to be confident that you know how to perform at your best in an interview. You simply can’t afford to waste opportunities. 

If you are applying for jobs and your applications haven’t been producing interview offers, then it’s time to review your strategy. Are your applications good enough? What resources are you using to identify actual and potential jobs? Are you targeting the right ones? If you are getting interviews but not job offers, again time to review your strategy or even book yourself in for a mock interview. Are you preparing appropriately? Are you presenting and performing well on the day? If not, why not?

Contact Vic Careers for CV and Cover Letter checks or for an in depth audit of your job search activities and strategy to date. We can also help with Mock Interviews which are an opportunity to test-run your preparations for an interview you have coming up or to simply practice in anticipation of one. 

But you should also consider alternative ideas such as volunteering and self-employment. We have posted several blogs on the merits of volunteering. As a new graduate you may be less than keen to consider this if you really need paid work. But remember volunteering can be as little as two hours a week and could therefore be combined with paid work. The right volunteer role will be valuable if you are able to build the skills, experience and networks that will make you a more attractive prospect in your chosen field. Finally, don’t dismiss the idea of self-employment or starting a business. Follow this link to some fun quizzes to see if you have what it takes to be a business tycoon, trend-setter or inventor.

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