Settle for the Second Best Job?

The recent release on the unemployment rate has offered little comfort to those currently in the job hunting market. As more university students are about to graduate and join them in their job search, the outlook is rather downcast. So I put myself into the shoes of the job hunters and I questioned, “Will I settle for the second best job or will I wait for the right job?” It’s a hard call, I did a Google search on ‘Settle for second best’. The results returned were mainly: Don’t/can’t/never/won’t settle for second best.

I suppose I can understand the concept of ‘Why settle for second best when you can have the BEST!’ But what if the BEST is not available? Beggars can’t be chooser, under the current economic climate, am I a beggar or am I a chooser? Just as everyone has their goals and dreams in life, I have mine too. If I am ever to be in a position to settle for the second best, will I accept it? Yes? No? Yes? No?… I guess in this case, as I know that the employment market is not going to change overnight, it is probably going to take a little longer to get to where I want to be, then perhaps I’ll settle for the second best rather than struggling for something than may be unattainable at this stage.

However by all means, I’m not saying “ The market is not good, take any job and quit searching!” Instead, my take on this is “While waiting, why not try…

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