The CareerHub e-Portfolio function is being used more and more by our Vic students.

It is being used not only as a record of their experiences but as a tool to help them prepare for job interviews. The graduate attributes and skills section is particularly useful for mapping skills to experiences and preparing for that classic interview question: “Tell me about a time when you have demonstrated ______ skills”.
So, reflecting on what you have been doing while at Uni is a great way to build self understanding. By developing your capacity for reflective practice, you can come to understand your own learning, your growth as a person and your development as a professional.

Vic student comments about the Portfolio:

I feel it has really encouraged me to analyse the skills I have gained which I believe will help me with future employment. “
“Writing about my experiences has allowed me to reflect on them and acknowledge what I have learnt from them.”
“In reflecting on the many rewarding experiences and workshops I attended, I feel I have significantly developed my leadership, my capacity to communicate effectively with others and my capacity to think creatively and critically”

So, what and where is it? An e-Portfolio is a digital collection of information, evidence and examples of your interests, skills and achievements and your reflections on these over time, from which you can publish presentations for different audiences. You access it via CareerHub and there are Info sheets to help you on your way.
The e-Portfolio is also a component of the University service and leadership award, Victoria Plus.

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