Last week I attended one of the largest International Career Conferences ever held in Australasia – 800 delegates!  One of my favourite sessions at the conference was a workshop on creativity.  Even if we may  not consider ourselves as  ‘creative’  which we often associate with artists, designers, musicians etc, we are all far more creative that we think. The trouble is many of us don’t give ourselves time to be creative.  We rush from one thing to another leading insanely busy lives.  Think back…..can you remember when you were 2 years old?  Or, have you recently observed a 2-year old child?  Nothing could stop a 2-year old.  They haven’t yet learned that there are limitations in what they could achieve.  Everything is possible, and ‘can’t do’ is not part of their vocabulary!  It’s only as we become older that we are told “this colour doesn’t go with that” or that our ideas might not be good enough. 

We are ALL original, unique and creative.  All people should work towards tapping into their creative abilities and unleashing their imaginations.  Why?

First because it is impossible that you have no creative gift.  Second: the only way to make it live and increase is to use it.  Third: you cannot be sure that it is not a great gift.   (Brenda Ueland, 1891-1985)

The creative spirit is in us now, it’s who we are.  Brenda Ueland goes on to say….

The imagination needs moodling — long inefficient, happy idling, dawdling, and puttering.  People who are always briskly doing something and as busy as waltzing mice, they have little, sharp, staccato ideas…But they have no slow, big ideas.

Big ideas often come to us during periods of ‘ laziness’ – it is during the time we are away from the direct challenges of work that our creative spirit is energised.

Have a look at Brenda Ueland’s 12 things to remember about being creative and unleaseh the creative spirit within you!

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