For some areas of work such as architecture, design, theatre, advertising, and teaching, including access to a 60 or 90 second video as part of your application to introduce yourself, demonstrate your particular talents or show images of your work, can have an immediate impact and help you stand out from other applicants. Preparing a professional video clip is not an easy option, as to produce a good result requires resources, skill and time. 

In her article ‘Smile for the CV Camera’, Carly Chynoweth wrote…

…a small but growing number of candidates are using video CVs to showcase their skills to potential employers.
…Sam Brown joined Barnes Roffe as a graduate trainee last September. He prepared much as he would for an interview: suit and tie, smart appearance, well-prepared answers. The main difference was that he could review each of his answers before he submitted them.

“Each time I wanted to make sure that the content was right, that I had spoken fluently and that my body language was appropriate,” he says. “I imagined that the camera was the person interviewing me.” Some of the more detailed questions took up to five takes to get right, he says.

See the complete article at

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