I have just been recruiting for a position and continue to be amazed at how slack people are in their applications.  Do they really want a job?  Out of 60+ applications, only about 6 of them were really ‘quality’ applications.  If you are applying for jobs, the following DO NOT WORK!

  • Smiley faces at the end of your cover  letter
  • “Hi there!”  at the start of your cover letter
  • Redfoxylady@hotmail.co.nz – email address must be professional;  using your name is the best approach
  • Cover letters which do not refer to the title of the position being applied for or the name of the organisation
  • Letters addressed to the wrong person and/or wrong organisation
  • Typos and grammatical errors (proofread carefully!)
  • Gaps in work history – long periods out of work or study without offering an explanation
  • Not addressing selection criteria – if IT skills are required you need to be very specific about what IT skills you have and the level of competency i.e. intermediate, advanced, expert
  • Cover letters which do not give any indication of WHY you are interested in either the position or the organisation

If you have been applying for jobs and not getting to the interview stage, some of the above may be the reasons why.  Drop into the Vic Careers office and have your CV checked now! Drop-in times can be found on our website:  http://www.victoria.ac.nz/st_services/careers/about_us/hours.aspx

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