12 March, 2010

Where are the jobs?

Times are tough. There aren’t enough jobs out there to apply to. It’s hard to get your foot in the door.

The above may all appear factual, but in reality this need not be the case. There are actually many jobs out there, lurking around, waiting to be unlocked. But if you are waiting for them to appear on advertisements, you may never find them. Simply, before these jobs ever make it to the advertising stage, they are filled by people within the network, referral or word of mouth. Often, employers can’t be bothered with the lengthy recruitment process, but if there’s someone around them who is capable and available, they would take them onboard.

How to tap into this hidden market?

  • Approach employers directly
    Identify the organisations that you are interested in working and contact them directly, let them know that you are looking for work.

  • Attend professional events
    Employer presentation, Careers Expo and Careers Seminar are definitely a good place to start! You get to gain valuable contacts, learn about different organisations and roles, and talk to employers about opportunities in their organisation such as work experience, summer jobs, part-time and full-time work.
  • Follow up with valuable contacts
    Now that you have obtained their contacts/business cards, what’s next? Follow up! Remind them of your existence and check for any possible openings or positions.
  • Volunteer yourself
    Volunteering is a great way to gain work experience, develop skills and establish a network of valuable contacts. Often it leads to a job offer.

The pathway to the hidden job market is endless, start digging now!

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