This is a particularly heavy recruiting period for law and commerce students looking for summer internships or graduate work for next year.  If you are in the enviable position of being offered an interview, make the best of this opportunity!  Remember that an interview is a two-way street.  It’s as much about you finding out everything you need to know about the job and organisation as it is for the employer to find out if you are the right person for the job.  So, in addition to being prepared for the questions you’ll be asked, make sure you’re prepared with questions of your own.  It will show the employer that you have a real interest in learning about the company and the job.  

It’s perfectly acceptable to refer to a notepad during the interview and refer to questions you have written down beforehand.  This simply shows good preparation and planning on your part.  Useful questions could include asking the interviewer for his/her own experiences, for example how long they have been with the company, why did they choose that company and what have been some of the highlights for them.  Other questions could focus on what the organisation does better than its competitors, what are the biggest challenges coming up and what are its competitive advantages.  You might want to ask them about the management style of the organisation and even what kind of employment previous employees have gone into. 

A really interested applicant will always have good questions.  Remember that employers are looking for people who not only can do the job, but really want to be there.  Show them that you, too, are interested in more than just the job – that cultural fit and a challenging, enjoyable working environment are key criteria. 

If you’ve missed out on our interview workshops or don’t have time to attend one before your next interview,  access our online interview resources at  or access this excellent interview tutorial at: 

Best of luck with those job interviews!

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