Whether you like it or not, people size you up in a very short time, actually only about 3-5 seconds. Your dress, mannerisms are also factors influencing what someone else thinks of you and whether you inspire them.

In your job interview or during social networking, what you wear will create that important first impression and will definitely affect whether an employer will take you seriously or consider you for hire.

What do your clothes say about you?  What does it mean to dress business casual? Try to be yourself, but look smart.  Check out some practical tips on grooming and interview attire:


“If you’re going to look and act sloppy in an interview, then the interviewers will think you could well act sloppy when you’re working for them.”  Read more in a recent article in the ‘Dom Post’:


Dress for Success Wellington supports women on low incomes in their quest for employment by providing them with clothes for interviews at no cost.  If you require assistance contact Vic Careers as we can arrange a referral for you.

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