Whenever Careers Expos are coming up, preparation will ensure you get the most out of the opportunity.  Expos are an excellent time to explore your career options and market yourself by interacting with potential employers.

  • Find out which employers are attending (students at Victoria can check the Careers Fair link on  CareerHub)
  • Do your research on the employers participating and make a list of essential and desirable employers to meet.  It doesn’t take much effort to check out their website.
  • Think about what information you want to find out from each employer.
  • Plan your visit so that you have enough time to talk to everyone on your list.
  • Have your updated CV ready to give to an employer if the opportunity arises.
  • Prepare an introduction to make a good impression. Have your 30 second pitch.  Looking, speaking and acting professionally help to make a terrific first impression. Something as simple as a smile–even if you’re kept waiting longer than you’d like–goes a long way.
  • Build contacts by asking for a business card or name of the recruiter for your area of interest and be prepared to follow-up effectively.

Useful websites for further Careers Fair tips:


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