Deciding whether you want to go for a new job in a new city can be a scary thought, especially if it means you’re going to be away from your usual support network of family and friends. It can be really easy to rule it out and stick with your home town but you could be letting loads of amazing job opportunities pass you by. Many people end up surprising themselves with how successful they are at adapting to life in a new city and realise they can push themselves a lot further than they initially thought. It can be a rewarding growth opportunity as well, getting out of your comfort zone can sometimes be just what you need.

If you’re deciding to go for it here’s some food for thought…..

  1. Have you been to the city before? If it’s in another country it won’t be as easy to check out but if it’s within New Zealand try finding a cheap flight  to go and have a look.  The feel of a city when you are visiting is different to when you are actually living there so take the time to examine how you feel when you’re walking around. Do you feel safe? How easy would it be getting to work? Do they have lots of sports/social clubs you could join?  Take the time to get out of the central city and see the suburbs,  especially if that’s where you may end up living.
  2. Research the employer and the job description! If you’re going somewhere new you want to be super sure the employer and the job they are advertising is the right fit for you. Can you research recent or current employees? What are the values and mission statement of the organisation? Is the job going to hold your interest and challenge you?
  3. If you’re at the interview stage and you’ve only spoken to your prospective employers over the phone then definitely try and check out the place in person. You need to know where the location is, what the work environment is like, and meet some of the team you’ll be working with. If the employer can’t fly you up and you’re really keen on the job then tell them that and make the extra effort and pay for your flights up. This will let the employer know how serious and interested you are.

 If you do end up taking the job try and arrive in the new city several days before you’re due to start. Unpack and get settled. Work out the public transport system and see how long it takes to get to and from work. Keep a map with you at all times!

Congratulations. You’re on your way.

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