I’ve just been looking at the discovery channel’s site about their show ‘Dirty Jobs’. I got quite sidetracked by all the videos, quotes and tales from Mike Rowe. He’s the host of the show who actually experienced each of the jobs profiled first hand. The jobs are disgusting but he obviously has the sense of humour needed to get through it and its that sense of humour which makes the site so easy to explore.

After seeing what Mike has to go through for his job, his following quote in the photos section made me laugh.

“I’ve done lots and lots of manuals and instructional stuff. Pretty dry. If I survive this gig, believe me, I’m all about books on tape. A cool, comfortable, climate controlled studio with hot coffee, far from sewers and toilets – it’s a dream I have.”

So what career development lesson can we take away form this? Well, I have some in mind but I’ll not suck all the fun out of it like a Brain Demiser (it’s on the site, its not pretty) and I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


I found the link to this on the www.careers.govt.nz site where they have a section dedicated to the worlds strangest jobs

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