I heard a really inspiring speech the other night at the pre-ceremony event for Architecture and Design graduates. It was given by Peter Haythornthwaite, owner of creativelab, an Auckland-based design consultancy and an adjunct professor of design at Victoria. Peter suggested three attributes that are worth pursuing and realising in your career. With his permission, I’m sharing them with you here.

  • TenacityBe tenacious in fulfilling your potential – to do less, is to squander your talent and your future. Set your sights on being someone. Pursue the desire of your heart. If you don’t know what they are, make it your goal to find them. Be willing to be stretched and extended way beyond your coziness. KO ‘OK”. Don’t opt for mediocrity. Empower the company you work for. Make yourself indispensible…valued and indispensible people are always next in line for opportunities. Serendipity seems to have a habit of occurring for these people.
  • Be a thinker. Don’t stop thinking. We live in an age where we scan, glance at and skim for snippets of information. What we need to return to is the art of thorough investigation – of scrutiny, of probing. Be eager to think. Master the art of reducing issues to their primary essentials. Problems are often expressed in extensive detail, but become expert at condensing them to a few symbolic words. It’s so easy to miss the real point of a project due to lack of insightfulness; due to lack of clarity as to what must be achieved.
  • Be you. Relax. Be the best you can be. Don’t be scared to be the real you. You are unique. We are all one off’s. Celebrate it! It is your difference and insights that makes you valuable. Your life experiences, your perspectives, your background, your culture. You can’t be somebody else. It’s impossible and in trying to do so you mask and dilute your difference. Choose to be positive. Work at it. Trash ‘bad’ thinking. A positive perspective is a magnet for good relationships.

These are powerful attributes which can make a big difference in your future.  Read them, remember them – print them out and post them on a wall where you can refer to them easily and often!

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