At a careers event that I have attended recently, someone raised the question:

Shall I be honest about who I am?

Or shall I pretend to be someone that fits the bill to get a better chance of getting hired?

There are some conflicting views on this issue.

Personally, I think (to a certain extent) we do need to be honest and open about who we are. Pretence may be able to get us through our interview, but it can’t carry us through the job.

In Suzanne Lucas’s blog – It’s a Job Interview, Not a Beauty Pageant, she pointed out that:
At the end of a beauty pageant, the winner gets a crown, some money and the obligation to ride on the back of a convertible in the town 4th of July parade, while the “winner” of the job interview “pageant” gets to spend 40-50 hours a week with the “judge”. 

Unlike any competition, in the case of a job interview, we can put on our best camouflage, impress our interviewer and win the job, but we simply can’t walk away with our ‘prize’. Instead, we have to stick with our ‘prize’ for a long period. If we are not who we claim we are, ultimately we are going to be the one to suffer.

So, should I lie? Hmmm, food for thought…


To be continued: Should I lie at a job interview? Part II


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