Today marks the start of Leadership Week 2010, 25 June – 2 July.  All around New Zealand organisations, businesses and schools will celebrate leadership by participating in a range of activities designed to inspire, develop and celebrate great Kiwi leadership.

In support of this event, we are encouraging students to join one or both of the Leadership Programmes at Victoria: Victoria Plus Award and the Victoria International Leadership Programme.

Leadership Week is run by the Sir Peter Blake Trust and aims to “highlight the strategic relevance and value that great leadership provides for New Zealand and showcase the work being done to develop our nation’s leadership capability.”  The Trust helps New Zealanders “make a positive difference for the planet through activities that encourage environmental awareness and action, and leadership development.”

These aims are a great fit with the Victoria Plus Award which helps students develop their leadership and social responsibility awareness through volunteering and attending seminars and workshops. So get involved and sign up to Vic Plus today! For more information on Leadership Week visit  Don’t forget to wear your red socks on Red Socks Day 2 July to celebrate leadership and remember one of our own great leaders!

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