Theres something not very fun about job hunting. It sounds obvious to say I know, but for me, all of the unpleasant things boil down to that one thing – rejection.

For some people, rejection means a loss of confidence, stopping them from continuing their job search or even holding them back from looking and applying in the first place. Others don’t take it so personally, if they don’t get the interview or the job then they just weren’t the best fit that time and/or there are a few things they can work on for the next time.

If you fall into the former catagory then I’d like to recommend something which can help puch you into the latter:

Endeavour to get feedback from the employer.

Don’t speculate and blame all your perceived weaknesses, don’t speculate and blame the employer’s judgements, instead, get constructive feedback from someone who knows. This will let you know where you stand and allow you to move on with some practical things to work on and ensuring you are focused on the future.

This is easy enough to do when you’re informed over the phone that your application is unsuccessful. The employer is at hand and should be happy to answer your question as long as you make it clear your motive is to improve your application rather than challenge their decision.

but what if applications closed a while ago and you haven’t heard anything yet?

In this situation you might be wondering if they are still considering their options or if you just haven’t been told that the position has already been filled. This is your chance to be proactive and call them to find out what the situation is.

The worst case scenario will be that what you already suspected is true and you don’t have the position. Even in this worst case you’ll find out where you stand and if you remember to ask for improvements you can make then you’ll get some worthwhile advice out of it.

In the best case (short of calling the wrong number and meeting your future spouse or being caller 99 and winning an insane amount of money) you’ll still be in the running and you’ll show the employer that you’re proactive so make sure to call with your can do attitude.

You’ll feel better knowing you’re doing something about your unsuccessful applications and improve your application and/or interview each time.

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