On a second thought after my previous blog on Should I lie at a job interview, I have to say that sometimes a little ‘lie’ is required to get you through to the next stage.

At one of my interviews, I was questioned on my Excel skills.  Trying to impress my interviewer, I blatantly responded that I am an advance user of Excel (even though I haven’t really used Excel at all). What I didn’t realise was that my statement was going to be put on to a test after the interview. Fortunately, the test was not scheduled till days later, allowing me sufficient time to pick up the skills. In the end, I did manage to pull through the test, but that was a close call. 

The little ‘lie’ might have been one of the determining factors on whether or not I go through to the next stage of the interview. As quoted from George Costanza, It’s not a lie if you believe it. At that point, I did believe that I could handle Excel if I was required to use it at work. And to be fair, I did manage to master it before the test (so technically I wasn’t lying)…

However, the story could be quite different if it was something more complicated than Excel. Imagine if it was an industry specific knowledge such as SPSS or HTML. That could be quite impossible to master within a few days! At the end of day, I guess it all comes down to weighing up the possibility of delivering what you have promised. And also the legal implications of your claims. After all, you don’t really want to end up like Mary Anne Thompson, the former boss of Immigration NZ.

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