If you unpacked your backpack when the recession hit, you may want to think again – especially if you want to work in London’s financial sector. Sounds rather unbelievable yet it is the banking sector that is now desperate for contractors and temps. And they like Antipodeans.

“Last year I wouldn’t have advised anybody to come to the UK to find a job,” says Robert Walters, a London-based recruitment guru who made a flying visit to New Zealand in April this year. “It has changed and it has changed very rapidly. Since the beginning of the year there has been a complete turnaround.”  Read the full article: Big OE back on the Menu NZ Herald May 2010

It appears that natural workforce attrition, people moving on, travellers staying away, and the start of a market upturn all adds up to a lack of workforce supply. However, it still pays to do your homework. You could start by attending a Big OE evening run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in October. The British High Commission attend in person and there are seminars and lots on information on recruitment, volunteer work, travel and all the important planing and preparation stuff you need to know! So take advantage of it and ask lots of questions to ensure there are work opportunities for you in the places you want to see.

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