29 July, 2010

The OE and your Career

Many young Kiwi’s head off on their overseas experience or OE for a sense of adventure and up-skilling on the way. For some, this is a chance to see the world and others heading to pursue opportunities not available at home.

In the July 2010 issue of ‘Career Edge’, published by Career Services rapuara – reads “The young person on their OE is often characterised as requiring a sense of autonomy, independence, adaptability and resilience. So, is there is a relationship between a person’s overseas experience and career development?”

Read the article The OE and the career – are they mutually exclusive? Follow the education and careers path of several Victoria Alumni and learn how UK experience has affected their careers.

Reminder that Victoria CareerHub advertises overseas internships and jobs opportunities. Currently, AIESEC Victoria are promoting Summer Internships to China, Romania and Philippines; Teach English in Japan (2011 JET Programme campus presentation on 15 September); Beijing Internship; European Parliament Internship for Postgraduates in Brussels. Find out more on CareerHub (browse jobs >> internships)

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