The team here at Vic Careers all have a quick catch up in the morning before we get stuck into our work. It’s a fairly informal catch up about general items of interest, work and whats on for the day or week. Its also when Ida will tell the rest of us about the new jobs which have come in…

During this time some jobs will stand out from the crowd for me. These are the  jobs which I feel I have an understanding of whats involved.  Though Ida does give us a quick rundown of whats involved and the type of degree which would make a suitable candidate for each role, if its something you already know about then that information sticks more readily.

“So what?” you might say, or, if you’re more polite you might even say “Fascinating stuff! Please please tell me more – I can’t wait to know where you’re going with this!”

Well, while it thought it might be nice to give a glimpse into one small aspect of the day here at careers, I have an alterior motive: I want to give a caveat for what I’m about to say…

I’ve noticed quite a lot of IT jobs coming in. Moreso than I’ve been used to hearing about in the last year  anyway. I’m glad others have confirmed this so its not just me speculating. A recent Dominion Post article on indicates that the luxury of choice will shift from those hiring to those who are looking. In that article Nathan Masters, general manger of Ninetwenty, an IT recruitment company says:

The Melbourne marketplace has taken off and they’re already forecasting a mass shortage of IT staff mid-year. It will come in New Zealand

The IT industry is known to have an amount of resilience during tough times when compared to many other areas but in the same article Masters also says that some entry level and upper end jobs are getting over 100 applicants. That indicates that competition is still quite high for IT roles so theres some slightly mixed messages there, more of a forecast really – competition is still high but things are getting better.

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