Following on from Liz’s recent blog I’ve decided to expand on Victoria CareerHub and it’s usefulness to Victoria students and graduates, especially since I get a lot of people coming in to see us who don’t know what they can actually do on CareerHub.  So, have a read through my Top 5 list below and check whether you know how to access the following information:

1.     Jobs

One of the main reasons why people join CareerHub. Our jobs are tailored to students and graduates and we add new jobs daily. If you’re interested in receiving emails about particular types of jobs make sure you’ve ticked the ‘Send me CareerHub job alerts’ box.

We have part time jobs, full time jobs, summer jobs, Graduate recruitment jobs, Internships, Voluntary work. It’s all there.

Plus, if there is one employer you are particularly interested in CareerHub will let you know if that employer has ever posted a job with us.

2.       Events

Workshops/Seminars/Employer Presentations/Career Fairs

Free for all students and graduates to attend. You can easily book yourself into these.

We add new workshops fortnightly and our most popular ones run at least once a month – CV workshops, Interview Skills workshops, Networking Skills workshops and Psychometric Tests/Assessment Centre workshops. Incredibly useful.

(On a side note did you know if you attend our Interview Skills workshop or watch our Interview Skills DVD you can then book in for a Mock Interview?)

You can also see if we have any Careers Expos coming up which we do! If you’re a Science student or graduate come along to the Science Careers Expo next Thursday 12th August 11am – 2pm in the nice, new Alan MacDiarmid building.

3.       Resume Builder

Did you know that you can create a CV on CareerHub? You enter in all your Education, Experience, Skills and Referee details and hey presto, a Word document is generated with all your inputted information. You can even choose what format you prefer.

4. Resources

View All Info Sheets

Sample CVs and Cover Letters

An untapped resource for a lot of people. If you’ve already created a CV or cover letter and you want to see how it measures up then check out our varied list of samples.  If you want to use our drop in service to get your CV checked you might be referred to the samples so it’s worth knowing where they are.

View All Websites

Career planning

We have links to some very useful career planning websites for different subject areas.

5.       Booking Appointments

We only open up a few appointments a day online so if you can’t find a free time don’t despair, give us a call on 463 5393 to book in.  If you can’t book an appointment remember drop in sessions run daily.

Now the clincher, if you don’t know how to access these areas or how to make use of them you can come to my colleague Graham’s ‘Navigate CareerHub & Vic Careers website’ workshop! Graham is running workshops on the 5th and 13th  August. You can book in here

If you can’t make the workshops then drop into 14 Kelburn Parade and you’ll find me on reception more than willing to show you the ropes.

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