Careers Expo = job offer?

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Pray 1 smileyMany people head along to a Careers Expo with the expectation of landing themselves with a job offer at the end of it. When this doesn’t happen, they find themselves hugely disappointed and discouraged.

However, they have failed to realise that while a job offer may not be the immediate/direct outcome of attending a Careers Expo, it certainly does help them with their job hunting in the long run. Job offers aside, the face-to-face networking opportunity, the job search advice directly from employers and the information about the career that one wishes to pursue have already make a Careers Expo worthwhile to attend.Knock Knock Smiley

Instead of having to knock on the door of each individual organisation, Careers Expos allows its participants the ultimate access to many employers, under one roof at one time. Since somebody else has done all the hard work, pulling together all the valuable contacts, why not make full use of it and save your wild goose chase?

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  1. This seems alright in theory but I have attended several careers fairs at Victoria and the reality I had very little opportunity to talk to employers about their organisation due to the share number of students compared to minimal numbers of staff from these companies. I also found that when i did manage to talk to staff they were disinterested and didn’t really want to be there.

    I have found that searching online is a much better way to find out about the different employment opportunities out there. This maybe just me though, each to there own. I won’t be trying this avenue again.




    • Hi James

      It’s unfortunate that you have had disappointing experience with our Careers Expos. From the feedbacks that we have received from participants of our Careers Expos, most students seemed to enjoy the experience of being at the Careers Expo very much.

      Yes, I agree with you that going online is a fantastic way of gaining company information – it’s free, it’s effortless and it’s instantaneous! If you know the exact companies and information that you are after, this is probably the way to go. However, this is not always the case for many. For those who are still exploring ideas on their future careers or haven’t got a clue of where their studies are taking them, Careers Expo is an excellent way of gaining exposure to many possibilities that they couldn’t have thought of otherwise.

      Job hunting aside, the biggest value of a Careers Expo is the opportunity to meet with the representatives from participating organisations. Please bear in mind that these representatives are often not easy to get hold of if you decide to approach them directly yourself. The networks/contacts that you have gained from events like this will definitely give you a great advantage when it comes to your job hunting.

      On the odd occasion, you might come across a few new staff members who are slightly inexperience and unaware of the kind of information that attendees are after at a Careers Expo. In cases like this, I find that preparation prior to Careers Expo and asking the right questions will usually pay off.

      Thank you for raising your disappointment to us, if you ever change your mind about participating at a Careers Expo, please feel free to come and meet with us prior to the event and we will endeavour to make the experience the best for you.




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