The previous blog highlighted the importance of personal contact and networking with prospective employers at Career Expos. Judging by the excellent turnout of students at our recent Science Expo, we hope that those attended have broaden their career aspirations.

It is now time to:
• Review your brief notes and summarise what you learned, and what your next steps are.
• Follow up with an email to the person you talked to if you have any further questions.
• Find out more about the employers that you are most interested in from their web site, the media or their annual report.
• Put your new found knowledge into practice when you apply for summer internships and graduate jobs.

Employers come along to Expos, to promote their profile, career opportunities, and provide valuable networking time for interested students. The following link has images and employer feedback from the recent Science Expo held on 12 August:

Reported in last week’s LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) newsletter:

The Victoria University Science Careers Expo received a double whammy of science expertise this week, with our IT GIS team joining the Department of Conservation to staff a Natural Resources Sector booth. The two teams encouraged the dreams of Victoria’s science students by showcasing the careers available across the Natural Resources Sector.

GIS Analyst Ian Harrison said it was great to have the opportunity to talk about what LINZ does to an interested (and captive!) audience.

It was a really positive environment. Students came up and asked lots of questions, and we had a chance to chat about what careers in science can offer. Plus, running the booth with DOC was a great opportunity to collaborate with another department outside the usual work environment.

The New Zealand Geospatial Office also pitched in, producing a fact sheet on the Natural Resources Sector that students could take away.

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