At Vic Careers we see many poor quality or instantly forgettable CVs and letters during dropin and this makes us happy. Why?  Because we prefer to see an unsuccessful CV before the employer does!  We want you to look great to a prospective employer and coming to see us communicates to us that you are serious about your job search and care enough to want to create products of good quality that market you effectively to your audience. A poor job application reflects badly on you and unfortunately on the university too. It wastes your time and even worse, that of the employer.

Creating an impressive CV and cover letter takes time. At Vic Careers we have given a lot of thought to providing resources for you. These include the Resume Builder tool on CareerHub, workshops, free publications, reference books and the free CV checking service. Use them!

Read what Michael Hess, a recruiter, has to say about cover letters and CV’s that fail to impress him…”it’s as if these applicants don’t even want a job”.’s-as-if-these-applicants-don’t-even-want-a-job

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my piece and for helping job applicants present themselves in the best possible light.

    Just to correct one small thing for the record, I am a business owner, not a professional recruiter. So my experience and opinions come from that perspective.

    Thanks again,

    Michael Hess
    Skooba Design


    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for reading and responding to the blog. I appreciate the correction, accuracy is so important! A good CV should still impress the reader even if they’re not in a position to offer a job. I’m a career consultant and so try to wear two hats – thinking like a recruiter, and also thinking like an applicant. Hopefully being really aware of different, sometimes apparently conflicting perspectives, I can help candidates – my primary client – do the best possible job of presenting their credentials.



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