A short while ago I wrote about the importance of getting feedback after an interview. If it wasn’t for feedback we could be destined to make the same mistakes over and over never knowing something might be out of place and needs attention.

Well, I’ve been here at Careers for a little while now, every day making at least some change to the website, always with the aim of making the site as easy to find, navigate and  read as possible. Just like a CV really, or any form of written communication for that matter. Just as the job seeker can learn from the feedback from an employer, we at Vic Careers can improve our site by seeking feedback from our audience too.

So as you’ve guessed, this is a request for some feedback about our site. Despite having plenty of visitors to the site, it seems none have made it to our feedback page! I’ve even had do the website equivelent of holding a mirror up to its mouth and checking for condensation – it is alive, it’s just a bit lonely.

 So please, take a look around it and let us know if theres anthing that should be included or if somethings too hard to find, is a bit out of date, not working or could just look a bit better.


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