‘I can’t find a job!’ is an often heard cry in the Vic Careers Office. Student and graduates alike come to see us biting their fingernails anxiously and asking for help in the job hunt. It’s tough. We’re still not out of the recession although jobs are slowly increasing.  The good news, according to our Employment Minister Paula Bennett is that “job vacancies online increased by 7.6 per cent over the last three months and there are 39.6 per cent more now than there were in July last year”. 

So far, so good. But how do you find all those lovely jobs?  First, you need to ask yourself are you honestly doing all you can in your job hunt? To make sure you are, have a look at our fantastic Vic Careers website for Looking for Work advice and the fantastic Career Services website for Job Hunting tips

If you’re following all this wise advice and still coming up with nothing then perhaps it’s time to get more creative in your job hunt. 

Maybe like this guy?

© AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

“After 11 months of fruitless job searching, Joshua Persky took to the streets of Manhattan to pass out his résumé in a sign that read “Experienced MIT Grad for Hire.” It worked. Last month, he was hired by New York accounting firm Weiser LLP. Persky chronicled his job search and showed off his job skills on his blog, Oracle of New York.” www.forbes.com

Or maybe not…

You can either sit back and wait to hear about a job or you can be proactive and make things happen! Consider these creative suggestions from Yahoo:

* Treat the job search like a courtship, and make the first move. “Don’t wait for a company to post a job ad,” says Andy Denka, executive director of financial staffing firm Accountemps . “If there are businesses you are interested in working for, research how you can contribute to their success and contact them directly.”

* Work for free. Approach a company that interests you and offer to work for free for a set number of hours each week, over a period of two months, says Katy Piotrowski, author of “The Career Coward’s Guide to Job Searching.”

“This is a great way to get your foot in the door, prove your worth, and assist the company to get to a place where they can actually hire you,” she says. “This method results in long-term employment about 50% of the time.”

* Volunteer or take a lead role in a professional association. “If you’re in finance, you take on a treasury position with a local community group,” says Denka. “In the process, you’ll enhance your resume, meet potential business contacts and keep your abilities current.”

But be sensible “Even in today’s market, it’s excelling at the fundamentals that helps job seekers stand out,” says Denka. “Individuals should focus their efforts first and foremost on creative top-notch resumes, networking with everyone they know, and honing their interview skills.” 

So, make sure you come to one of our drop in sessions to get your CV checked and attend one of our Networking and Interview Skills workshops (remember you can attend these even if you’re a graduate) by booking through CareerHub

It may be a full time job looking for an actual job but stay optimistic, work hard and don’t ever give up. It will happen. I know this because after 5 months I finally got my job here!

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  2. I’ve heard about the working for free idea. But it wasn’t with an actual company. It was with some unemployed psychologist and an entrepreneur, who had connections with people. This idea is basically just trying to open new doors for you and getting networked.



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