Often, I marvel at the openness of many Facebook users. As many would have realised, nowadays employers are often doing a facebook search on their applicants before any shortlisting. Information that has been made public on an applicant’s Facebook account could potentially be very costly. But it’s not just employers, any stranger can simply do a search on a Facebook user and dig out some useful information about that person, isn’t that scary?

Despite the privacy settings on Facebook, I am still very much in doubt about the security of my private information. If I decide to remove something from the web, I can’t totally be sure that it’s completely gone for good.

As Google CEO Eric Schmidt says:
“People can just take your information, they could be looking at you conversations, they can look at your pictures, and if I want to delete that picture some may also have taken a copy of that without me knowing”  read full story.

Sometimes, I’m quite appalled at the comments that people would put on their facebook wall or status. They took out their frustration/disappointment on their studies, lecturers, colleagues, boss, friends etc and publicly voiced their opinions on their Facebook, thinking that only their friends could see it, but is that really the case? Are your facebook friends really your friends? Or are they just random people that you have added or vice versa?

Also, I’m surprised at the number of users who can’t even be bothered with sorting up their privacy settings. If you are one of them, maybe it’s time to review your privacy settings?

Facebook is a good thing to have, but one should be aware that whatever you post on the web, you should be comfortable if that goes public too. Otherwise, it’s probably safer not to post it. And also, don’t forget that what your friends post counts too…

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