dog with a boneAn Undergaduate student could be forgiven for saying “What’s with all the graduate stuff? I mean throw us a bone here!” You’re not forgotten – all this graduate stuff is as much about you too!

Perhaps its just that in a careers office we’re looking forward to where students are heading. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to help them now – far from it. But If you’re a student wondering what your next step is, the answer lies in where you want to go. If you’re not sure where that might be and all this graduate stuff seems to be too many steps ahead of where you’re at, then figuring out what you’ll enjoy, what you’ll be good at and what you’ll be successful in will be the priority.

One resource to help figure this out which is available to everyone is… I may have mentioned these before but but I’m going to mention them again… Career Views. If we may give ourselves a pat on the back I’d like to say these are great resources for giving some guidence about possible career paths and they’re used throughout the country and even further afield. I’m not really trying to pitch them, if you download one or visit our site we wont get something (like a biscuit wont drop out of a hatch in the ceiling or anything) but they’re free to access and use and I really think they’re a great resource.

What exactly is a Career View?

Career View

They’re a series of A4 booklets,  each about 7 – 9 pages long and focusing on a particular subject. They’re not a prospectus for courses at Victoria though they are about subjects that are taught here too so we can call upon those departments to add their professional knowledge and insight. They’re just made to help give people an idea of what a subject is about, what skills are needed and will be further developed or gained through study (which is great for helping with CVs) what industries you can expect to find work in and some job titles you could end up with. A number of graduates also tell how they found their way to the role they are in. Sure they are Vic graduates but their experiences could be echoed by graduates across the country.

You can browse the entire list here or just check out the example picture/link included to the right (thats the Architecture and Building Science one – pdf 812kb).

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