Personal Branding’ as a concept isn’t new, however in the last two years or so, it has emerged as a significant ‘career accessory’. When helping marketing students prepare for ‘life after Vic’, I frequently suggest that they apply their subject knowledge – specifically around branding – to market themselves in writing. For a marketing graduate, preparing their CV is likely to be their first branding project. Every employer is impressed by someone who does a great job of presenting themselves on paper.

But wait…is looking good in writing really enough? In my experience even marketing graduates can struggle to fulfil the expectation created by a good quality CV. It’s a major disappointment to meet someone who’s great on paper and not so great face to face. Imagine buying what you thought was a luxury item only to discover that you could have bought a better quality item at half the price at The Warehouse. You may be surprised to know that it is less disappointing to an employer to deal with someone who’s great face to face and disappointing on paper. Probably like buying a really cool gadget and finding that the instruction manual is less than comprehensive. Not good – but manageable. This is why opportunities to meet and impress employers face to face at careers expos and presentations can be so valuable.

So personal branding is about getting both parts of the equation right. Ideally being able to present yourself in writing and to ‘be’ that person …the ‘best you’ …face to face. At Vic Careers we can assist you with the career exploration and self- analysis that will help you prepare an effective CV and perform successfully at interviews.

Personal branding can add to anyone’s ability to impress potential recruiters. It can also increase the likelihood of identifying, and successfully pursuing, work that is personally meaningful and fulfilling.  KPMG is very interested in the potential personal branding has to help students and potential recruits engage in learning about themselves – who they are, what they want , and what they have to offer – and how to convey this to potential employers during recruitment and selection processes. Representatives from KPMG recently gifted their time and expertise to present to Victoria Plus Award (VPA) students a Victoria on this topic. This week is KPMG’s Personal Branding Week and everyone has access to a range of well-designed online resources to help in creating a successful personal brand.  These resources include a 5-day program of activities, a downloadable e-book, self-assessment exercises, and much more.  Are you ready to create YOUR personal brand? You will find everything you need and more at

For an Australian slant on Personal Branding read ‘Finding the You in Brand’ at

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