In my role managing the University’s service and leadership Award, Victoria Plus, I see some amazing students. Often they are juggling part-time work, a full on study work load and volunteering in so many cool places. I can see them progress, grow in confidence and gain a variety of skills in addition to their academics. They know it too. They reflect back on what they’ve learnt and how they have grown as people.
Just last week we had the University Vic Volunteers Awards. This is to recognise those people who volunteer at the Disability Services. There are 206 students volunteer Note Takers this year and they gave notes for 100 papers in each Trimester. Students in all disciplines and year groups can offer to volunteer. You will develop key skills in communications, planning and organisation plus it helps you build networks across the University. It can lead to other leadership roles with Disability Services or you may also get involved in other student support such as mentoring or helping international students. Give it a go for next year… Contact Disability Services now!

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