Recession or not, no one should rush into doing postgraduate study simply because they are finding it difficult to secure a job. 

 The RIGHT reasons:

  • You are interested in doing policy analysis, research, consultancy work, diplomatic work
  • You want to work in science
  • You are seeking a higher salary – graduate destination surveys confirm that 3-5 years after graduating, graduates with a postgraduate degree earn 30% or more than those with an undergraduate degree
  • You are passionate about your subject area and want to learn more (probably the best reason for doing postgraduate study!)
  • You are looking to make a career change AND you know what that change is

 The WRONG reasons:

  • You don’t know what else to do!
  • You are putting off looking for work
  • Someone tells you it’s a good idea to do so
  • You are hoping that your career planning will become clearer to you whilst you are doing postgraduate study

Postgraduate study can have tremendous benefits which include stimulating and challenging work, personal and professional development, higher job satisfaction and higher salary earnings.  However, going into postgraduate study without passion for the subject or a strong vision of your future career can seriously impact on the value of your degree, and even increase barriers to employment.  So, if you’re not sure whether to postgrad or not….review your options with your university careers consultant first!

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