If you have ever owned a pet, say a cat or a dog, you will know how each one a distinct and unique personality. Some are cuddly and manageable, others fussy, many funny, a few aloof or downright scary.  Of course lots are are very  intelligent yet some can be just plain mad!  In the same way, there are different types of boss – not that I’m comparing the people who sign my paycheck to Spaniels and Spoodles.
Sooner or later in your working life, you will come across one you find a bit tricky so be prepared! Put together by Inside Tech, here are 13 types of boss and how to impress them. Watch out for the Viper and don’t cross the Weasel.

Bosses are one of the things you just can’t avoid in the workplace. But how to identify these strange characters and deal with them? Don’t go it alone — it’s a jungle out there. We’ll show you how!

13 Types of Boss and How to Impress Them

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