The economy is starting to look a little brighter and we are certainly putting up more vacancies on CareerHub.  However, jobs are not necessarily up in all areas and you may still have to wait a bit for your ideal job.  So where’s the silver lining?  Well, think about it.  New grads are smart, enthusiastic and come with fresh ideas…and they cost less to employ than more experienced people.  So right now a new grad could well have the advantage over a more experienced person.  To maintain this ‘edge’ you need to make sure you know how to present your skills and especially how to convince the interviewer of your potential ability.  

New grads are used to learning and often want to keep on learning.  In fact, they look for employers who offer good training and development programmes. The best leaders and top performers are always hungry for new knowledge and experiences.  “Learning agility” is the name of the game and is increasingly being sought by employers.  It is a key indicator of success – the difference between an average and a superior performance. 

Do you thrive on new and difficult challenges?  Do you like to experiment, continuously learn new things and quickly apply new knowledge?   If so, then you need to get this clearly across in an interview.  Give examples of times when you threw yourself into a new challenge and had to think quickly.  Give examples of times when you may have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and what you learned from the experience.  Agile learners look for feedback.  Give examples of how you ask for constructive feedback so that you can continue to improve your performance. 

Take advantage of the ‘silver lining’.  Get out there, be confident and keep on learning! 

Everyone wants to know the secret of success, and there is one. It’s called: continuously learning to do what you don’t know how to do.  (Lombardo, M & Eichinger, R. The Leadership Machine)

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