Are you currently studying or have just graduated? Unsure of your career options?

Take some time to identify your skills, aptitudes and interests by asking such questions as:
Why did you undertake studies in a particular field?
What do you like doing and why?
What are you good at why?
What aspects of your current work do you dislike and why?
What motivates you? (e.g. money, security, status)
What work environment appeals to you? e.g. large corporate, small business, not for profit organisation

Read more on the article branding-yourself

Want to improve your job prospects? Work experience is a great way to become familiar with working practices and business cultures. Add even the most basic administration tasks to your CV as this shows prospective employers that you are proactive and have an understanding of a working environment. All work experience is valuable – paid or unpaid, at any level, in any setting. Make the most of your time by taking on a range of tasks that help you learn new skills, and be flexible about the duties you take on.

Try to stay motivated. You may feel frustrated with your job search at times. Keep in mind that no one is successful with every job application – learn from each experience and move on. It is important to stay positive, especially when dealing with potential employers. Confidence and enthusiasm helps make a good impression, both in writing and in person

Remember to visit Victoria CareerHub regularly as new jobs are listed daily. Check archived jobs and start networking as they are perfect examples of what employers are looking for.

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