Looking for work? Whether it’s that first graduate position or a job that simply pays the bills, it takes time and energy and can leave you feeling physically exhausted.  When the effort isn’t producing the desired results, it isn’t uncommon to feel emotionally rejected, isolated and depressed. So what can be done to avoid or at least manage this scenario?

  • Avoid isolation – involve as many others as possible in your search – friends, partners, family members and professional such as Career Counsellors and other employment specialists
  • If you feel low or depressed, confide in friends and if appropriate seek medical help
  • Review your job search strategy and progress regularly with a Career Counsellor
  • Keep careful and complete records of your job search activities so that others are better able to help you
  • Securing a job may take a while. Plan how you will manage financially and get advice on your financial situation early. Financial Advisers can help you work out a budget and any entitlement to benefits or other financial aid.

 The following two articles are also very informative. Please let me know if you come across others on this topic that you find useful.

 Beating the Job Search Blues from imdiversity.com

 How to Maintain Confidence and Stay Focused During a Less Than Perfect Job Search from ezinearticles.com

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