Happy New Year everyone! A time for fresh starts and perhaps a new job? To those of you struggling to find employment or wondering whether you should even be looking, there is good news. I watched a TV3 news item last week which mentioned that “one in four employers planning to increase their permanent staffing levels in the next three months”, according to a recent employment survey.

According to the subsequent article on the TV 3 website “Figures released in the Hudson Report Employment Expectations Survey show improvement in employment expectations across the country, with all regions showing an increase in business confidence.”

“This is the highest level of sentiment we’ve seen since mid-2008,” said Marc Burrage, Hudson New Zealand Executive General Manager. “The improvement in sentiment shows that even though the New Zealand economy continues to remain subdued, the demand for staff is gradually picking up. Full time employment is up 1.8 percent over the past year, and unemployment has edged down from its late-2009 peak.”

Copies of the Hudson Report are available at www.nz.hudson.com.

Things can only keep getting better, right?

I also thought this was a timely reminder to make sure your CVs are top notch and to ask yourself whether you are looking for work in all the right places. Our drop in hours continue to run over January and February (see here for times: Vic Careers Drop In Times) and once mid February hits we’ll be back into our CV, Interview Skills and Networking workshops, amongst others.

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