While I was at university, I was told:

“Focus on your study, get good grades and the rest will sort itself out! And play hard too, as long as good grades are maintained.”

BUT that’s only half true…

The truth is there are so many graduates out there, hunting for jobs. They too, have the piece of paper that we  believe is the ticket to our dream job! With so many graduates for the graduate employers to choose from, these employers obviously have the upper hand in this game. We need to turn the table around, but how?

We need to create our point of difference, to make ourselves stand out in the graduate market and get noticed. One great way to do this is through work experience & internship programmes. These programmes are great for us to get our foot in the door, gain some experience & skills, test our career choices, obtain valuable network and earn money! It’s also the best way to prove our employability. Quite often, if we perform well, we will find ourselves a full time/graduate job offer towards the end of our contract with the organisation.

Work Experience/Internship – YOU NEED IT!

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